Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lillie's dentist visit.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was Lillie's visit to the dentist. She had a tooth cleaning, x-rays, and a check on her front tooth. I am happy to report that everything is as good as it possibly could be (except for her flossing skills, but isn't that just a universal thing?) and the visit was just fine.

Here is Lillie in mid x-ray. I guess the x-ray apron has a big smile because when they stuff those x-ray things in your mouth and you're trying not to gag, they still want at least one smile in the room.
Not only did the x-ray of her front tooth look perfect, but Lillie is still a certificate holding member of the No Cavity Club! She does have to go in again in three months to check the front tooth...if it looks this good after one year then she will be deemed healed. The lovely necklace she is wearing was her free prize from the dentist. Sadly she lost it at the pool last night and no one has been able to find it. She is perfectly miserable about it. We will check with the pool later, but Preston stayed later than us and he and his friends looked all over. Oh well.

Today the littles and I will be packing for a camping trip. We will be joining the rest of Maren's family at Lake Wenatchee from Thursday - Sunday. Even though the weather is always crazy hot, the water freezing cold, dirt and bees are the landscape, forest fires are nearby, bear signs are everywhere and you even think you can hear them roaming around at night...that is where the family is and we always have a great time. Maren and Preston will be staying home this weekend as Preston has a soccer tournament that he doesn't want to miss.

See you a few days after tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Were you wearing a protective happy-face when you snapped the picture? There's a reason the professionals run out of the room. Great news about Lillie's teeth. love, sp