Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hanging baskets.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

As the deck has been getting closer to being completed, it was becoming more clear that my perfect deck and Maren's perfect deck were not exactly the same deck. I was designing long smooth handrails not good for hanging baskets, whereas the one thing she liked about the old deck was the hanging basket spots. I always figured we have like 6 or 8 hanging baskets around, isn't that enough? Well, I learned that the ones in the front and on the back fence are for "shade loving" plants...and the deck is the only place for "sun loving" plants. Ooohhhh, all plants are not the same? And we need a place for the "sun loving" plants. Never said I had a green thumb. So yesterday I looked around online and gleaned a few ideas that I combined to make my own plant hanging area for the deck. A couple of trips to Home Depot, and here it is:
I think it turned out very nice. John and Carol showed up to drop off the truck just as I was finishing the project. The picture is of Maren and John enjoying the new benches. The new risers are on the right...with a couple of hanging baskets checking out the area.

Last night I took what should be my last trip to Home Depot for this project. I now have all the wood for the railings. The back yard is now totally littered in little pieces of wood and stuff, so the clean up project will be a project all in itself. Probably a few more trips to the dump.

Preston has "finishing camp" this morning, as in a camp to help forwards learn to make more goals and goalies learn to stop more goals. So off to wake him up.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The hanging baskets are nice - the deck is really coming out so well!

Amber said...

I'm serious when I tell you that I wish we could've hired you to do our deck!!! We paid SO much for just the basics. Truthfully, I am not as creative as you and Maren and never would've thought of hanging baskets or benches, but still... this is a great way to spend your summer and I am IMPRESSED!

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks! The closer it becomes to being done, the more amazed that I did this myself. The deck will be finished tomorrow...it is so close to being done, but I need a break. The benches and the baskets hangers are cool, but I am kind of thinking this Taj Mahal of a deck is maybe a bit cluttered. There is something to be said for simple. But I am proud of it.