Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hair, KSTC, Carnival.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Over the weekend Maren got her hair cut! Here she is just out of the car being pestered by the Slane paparazzi:

Last night we went to the KSTC for a BBQ. John and Carol came as well, drove two cars, and left in one. Yup, I am borrowing the pick-up truck again. I will have it today and tomorrow. I plan on a couple of trips to Home Depot, and a couple of trips to the dump. Thanks to a crazy day for John and Carol last Thursday, the pick-up has all new tires! Next will be new paint, new carburetor, new thermostat, new this, new that...new car! I am quite thankful that John lets me have run of the truck for a couple of days, otherwise it would be renting a truck and such.
Maren and Carol hanging out.
Sunday was the big church carnival following VBS. Here Lillie is showing off her medal and getting in line for a turn at a bouncy house.
Preston and Hansen were too big (or too cool?) to go in the bouncy houses. But they did like the car show part. Here is Preston hanging out in front of a very cool car while enjoying a snow cone.
This car was more to Hansen's liking, but for some reason he didn't quite make it into the picture. They even had an MGB in excellent condition. Not as good as the condition my mom's old MG Midget was the minute before she let me drive it that one and only time...but better than the old MG Midget was the minute I was done driving it forever. Dang Brick.

Off to plan a couple of staircases.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Maren looks beautiful! And how cool that there was a car show. I love car shows! Good old Midge - it's still my favorite car ever. I tried to get it fixed, but it was never the same again...sigh. Well, we're looking forward to seeing the staircases.