Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eye day.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Looking back at yesterday, I had a bunch of opportunities to take pictures, but for some reason I didn't. So you're just going to have to read you way today.

First stop was the Eye Doctor. Yup, we see Dr. Ed Kosnoski. I think Ed is a great eye doc...and we have known each other since Jr. High School which is cool. Somehow we all got to be in the testing room together. And we had a very fun time with that. Preston's eyes are still perfect. Lillie's eyes are perfect, but changing fast enough that she may need glasses by age 9. Hansen got a slightly stronger RX for his glasses. The boys especially liked Lillie's answer to "read the smallest line", her answer..."they're all Ts". So then she had to read the next line up, "T, T, T, E, T, T, and T." We did have a laugh fest with these tests. When Hansen was muttering things like, "Uh, UH, Uh, it's a uhhh", I am sorry to report that I started laughing and just had to leave the room because unlike Lillie who isn't going to be wearing glasses this year, Hansen's exam was kind of important to get a good RX.

After a nice BBQ on the deck, it was off to Costco with Hansen to pick out some new glasses. It was kind of painful at times and I almost had to pick his glasses for him, but the eye place was busy and taking 45 minute to try on and critique every frame worked out OK for him. In the end we chose two very nice frames. One by Nike which he thinks will be his soccer glasses, and one by Converse which are just cool looking frames. I was trying to get him to choose one pair by Converse with really wide sides that had cool designs, but he wanted super thin sides. He will be happy with his new glasses when they get here, and that is what really matters.

After ordering the glasses, we [Hansen and I] headed to the food court to buy ice-cream for the whole family and take it home to them. Everyone thought is was cool to get to eat Costco ice-cream while watching Wipe Out on TV.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Hansen...but I'm glad he found glasses he liked. I remember Ed Kosnoski.