Thursday, August 12, 2010

The deck is done!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

As of 11:20 am yesterday the deck was done! Yup, done. Sure, I still need to waterproof it, but that will be done toward the end of the month. It wasn't just a party starting at 11:20 am...I still had to clean up. I made two trips to the dump, making four trips total, and things are clean enough. Actually not clean enough, but the old decking and stuff is gone.

So, how else to celebrate a new deck than to get yourself a reclining chair and read the paper on the new deck? That is just what Maren was doing last night:

Here are a several other views of the complete deck:

It turned out very nice. I look at it and wonder how I did this basically by myself. I did use Hansen's help at times (in fact he is expecting some type of reward for being willing to help when others weren't so willing) but basically I did the whole thing myself. I do have a Home Depot just a couple of miles away which is nice. But I didn't end up with a single extra uncut piece of wood. How cool is that? My shopping lists were always perfect! It is time to start considering myself a math dude.

I will finish today's blog with a picture of Preston...not the deck, so good for you for making it to the bottom of the page and not clicking back to your home page when you saw the long string of deck pictures! This pic was taken at 10:00pm last night after he got back from two soccer games. He says, "Dad, I'm a little hungry...can I make myself something to eat?" If you notice, "a little something" is 5 waffles, a burrito, a bowl of blueberries, and a couple of glasses of milk. This is just the way that teenagers roll. Hansen and Lillie also had a couple of waffles at 10:00pm and joined Preston for a late night breakfast.
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, that's the nicest deck I've ever seen! Great job! You could definitely be a deck carpenter if you ever wanted to moonlight as a way to keep Preston in waffles. And congrats on the perfect measuring!

Julian's Blog said...

To keep Preston in waffles! That is funny.