Friday, August 06, 2010

Allowance, program, and first BBQ.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday after taking Preston to a friends house (so he could spend the day there before soccer camp) I took Hansen and Lillie out to spend their allowance and see a program at the Covington Library.

Hansen spent his allowance on a fancy Ping Pong Paddle. He is getting better at Ping Pong, and thinks this paddle is the answer! He keeps it under lock and key as the open use paddles seem to get thrashed.

Lillie longs to be a latch-key-kid! Go figure. She has been begging for her own key for some time now. She wears it around her neck and races from the car to be the first one to open the door! I do think the key she picked out is the perfect key for her.

The library was fun. We saw a program by Weird Science. They used air pressure from different sources to do very cool things. My favorite line from the presenter, "You can't just say the egg got sucked through the hole, never sucks!" Ok, the air pressure on the outside was greater and pushed the egg through the hole.

Maren had lunch with her friend Judy, then they walked around the Kent Station. Check out these fancy green sandals.

Last night was the big night. We brought the deck furniture back onto the deck, broke out the BBQ, and had our fist BBQ on the new deck. Sure there is lots of work going on in the background, still building the benches and the railings, but my burger did taste extra good on the new deck.

See you tomorrow.

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The deck looks great!