Thursday, July 22, 2010

still decking.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I just finished watching the Tour de France for the day. Another exciting stage. With Lance out of the GC picture, I am rooting for Andy Schleck. In a few minutes it will be off to the decking.

Speaking of decking, yesterday was the day to buy all the wood for the decking. Next week will be the railings and the stairs. John and Carol dropped off their pick-up truck for me to use yesterday as well as taking Hansen and Lillie to Mel's house for the day. Sounds like the littles had a great time with their cousins! Preston and the neighborhood kids spent the day ping ponging and x-boxing until it was time for soccer practice.

I got quite a bit done, picked up the wood and nearly finished the framing. I decided on 2x6 cedar for the decking. There are tons of options out there with Trex being a popular choice these days. For now I like the cedar more, maybe in 20+ years I will do something different. Here are a couple of stacks of wood. 13 twelve footers and 42 ten footers...that is a ton of $$$ in wood!

I will work most of today, then tomorrow it will be down to Oregon for a soccer tournament and a break from the deck.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It's strange to see your house with just a framework of a deck. But soon you'll have a brand new deck! I like real wood best, too. You never know what recalls or problems are going to come up with the composition products, and I think real cedar makes the house worth more,too. Will you be able to make any money selling the old wood on Craigslist?

Julian's Blog said...

The old wood is too old. I think it will just be going to the dump. I would keep some of it to burn, but it has been stained. The new deck was not just for fun...the old decking was not so good.