Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SRP, Rice Krispie Treats, Sports VBS.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

When putting together the pictures I took yesterday, I realize that yesterday was a busier day than it seemed. I started the day working on the deck only to find out that the whole "measure twice, cut once" trick only works if you remember to measure in the first place. The part of the deck that I thought was exactly 10 feet wide was in fact 10 feet wide at one end...but somehow was 10 feet 3 inches on the other end. Hmm. All the wood didn't fit. Hmm. I came up with a very clever correction that I think looks even better than the way I was going to do it, but it still took the day and a trip to Home Depot to fix. Now I am back on track.

Since I was going out, I took Hansen and Lillie to the Covington Library to collect their finisher prize for the Summer Reading Program. Here they are at the Library showing off their prizes:

After we were home and I was back to working on the deck, Preston decided he wanted to make Rice Krispie Treats. I figured this was a way better adventure than just shopping overpriced soccer shoes online, so he go the go ahead without any supervision. I asked him how he knew how to cook these and he said "EZ", and headed over the to computer. He had found a step by step video on youtube and he would just run to the computer, hit pause...then do the same in the kitchen. He did a great job, cleaned up his mess and made enough treats for the family. Here he is cooking:
...and enjoying his plate of treats on the part of the decking that is done. I said he made enough for the family, doesn't mean we got an equal amount...but we each got two, so who is to argue? Just Lillie and Hansen, "Preston ate the whole plate of Rice Krispie Treats!"
In the evening the littles got to go to the first night of Sports Vacation Bible School at a local church. Didn't know about this last year, but we were given an invite this year...it is huge! And great! The kids loved it. Even Hansen who was having doubts is eager to go again tonight. This is a picture I took when picking up the kids. Lillie is in the lower left with a yellow shirt and purple socks. Hansen is in a lime green shirt somewhere.
Off to work on the deck.
See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I especially like the picture of upside down Preston, the deck, and the treats. thanks/love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Wow, the new deck looks great already! Congrats to Hansen and Lillie on their finisher prizes - cute picture! Interesting idea for a VBS - looks like a good one.