Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soccer, birthday.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

These last couple of days have been very hot around here with temps in the 90's. So why not play soccer? In the last couple days Preston's team has had 4 games. They lost the first game, but turned around and won the next 3. Preston had a couple of his best games ever and helped his team make it into the finals, which will be later today.

Along with Preston's soccer game there was also a birthday party. Check out the banner for Courtney's 40 birthday! Lots of food, lots of hay, a big banner, a big bouncy toy for the kids, and people hanging out in every corner of Mel and Courts house enjoying the party. We met some very nice folks and had a nice time. Maren and I left after a few hours to check out the end of Preston's semi-final game, but Carol was nice enough to offer the littles a ride home so they could stay a couple of hours longer.

Back to soccer. Lillie and Hansen were trying to beat the heat along with many others by hanging out in the shade of the big divider wall at Wilson Play Fields.

The next picture is a fun shot of a goalie charging as Preston drives toward the goal.

Preston next to his coach, getting ready to go back into the game after a quick water break.
This video clip is of a Preston corner kick that almost resulted in a goal...actually it resulted in a second corner kick that did end up a goal. The video was from Saturday's evening game under the lights.

Today is the championship game against a team that has a few of Preston's school friends on it. This should be a fun game.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great birthday party for Courtney! Good luck to Preston's soccer team!