Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoes, dump.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday I borrowed John's pick-up truck to try to take a couple of loads of old decking to the dump while they brought Hansen and Lillie to play with Jack and Avery. Well, I totally loaded up the truck, waited in a long line at the dump, paid over $30.00 for one trip, and didn't hardly make a dent in the pile of scrap that needs to go. I only had time for one trip, so looks like the old trip to the dump may become a regular thing for awhile.

I picked H and L up from North Bend to take them to the outlet stores and make sure they were home in time for VBS. We did both...but I forgot my wallet at home and we were not able to buy anything. This actually worked OK for me, the kids knew I had absolutely no purchase power and were happy to just look. Normally it would have been a nonstop barrage of, "Dad...check out these shoes, can I buy them?"

I saw Lillie putting my size shoes down on the ground next to her feet in a strange fashion and didn't interfere because it was working for her. A minute later she called me over and told me to look at her feet in the "feet mirror". She had it set up she it totally looked like she was wearing the shoes in the mirror. I took the above pic, worked better in real life, but in the shoe mirror it looks real.
And for those old Mazda truck lovers out there. Here is a picture of John's pick-up truck after a trip to the dump and a good washing. The paint is wearing off from the sun in spots, but it's looking pretty good for a truck he bought it 20 years ago.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I love Lillie's shoe-mirror magic. love, susanna

Ellen said...

You forgot your wallet? You mean you were driving without a license? Uh oh, I'm glad you didn't get stopped! John's pickup looks great! I would happily have kept either of my blue Mazda pickups forever if I could.