Friday, July 23, 2010


Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night I went to Safeway to buy some milk and some money for this weekend. The cashier was something else. She was like 10 years older than I and 50 lbs heavier. The lady in front of me was buying a RedBull energy drink. The cashier went on this whole rant, "A RedBull day huh??? I won't touch that stuff, at my age and my weight and with diabetes I would fear for my life...for my life! That stuff makes your heart go fast, you could could die!" She was some sales girl. But she was nice enough to me, "Have a nice evening Mr. Slone, er...Mr. Slane...hmmm." Nothing like a little doom and gloom from the cashier at Safeway.

Today I am taking Preston to Lake Oswego Oregon for a soccer tournament. He has a game today, a couple games tomorrow, and at least one on Sunday. I plan on just relaxing, watching some soccer, and putting up with goofy teenagers. There seems to be quite a few teams from around here heading down there, so I am sure the kids will have plenty of friends to hang with.

Maren had to work today and the littles didn't want to go watch soccer all day for three days straight, so Nana is on her way out to hang. Sounds like the gang here will have plenty of fun without us!

The deck is coming along fine. I have the decking boards on the front part of the deck, I still have about 2/3rds to go...then the stairs...then the railings...then the wood sealant. By then my useful life will be over! I am pretty beat up already, it is good I am being forced to take a few days off.

This is what I was doing when I was Hansen and Preston's age, I was never much of a soccer player:

See you in a few days.


sussah said...

Dear Julian, Your safeway cashier is the evil twin of someone we came across one time, on vacation in Arkansas. This was another talkative, very large lady. She was working at an ice cream place, fixing our ice cream cones, and said, "you know, people will let you down, but FOOD will never let you down..." love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Dad says you were way better at motocross racing than soccer. He says, "Do you remember the day we were motocross racing and Mt. St. Helens went off?" Well, I remember your soccer team winning one year.