Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pretty as a Princess, comment change.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a chore day around these parts. Lillie didn't want to help me replace the guts in the upstairs toilet as it has been squeaking the last few nights. But she was happy to watch and make lots of "eww" and "yuk" comments. After a trip to pick up Preston and check out phones, it was time to paint Lillie's room. Lillie loved painting! She was actually much more helpful and fun to have around than I ever expected. She helped with the first coat, but got a little bored after dinner for coat number two. Here are a couple of pics of Lillie painting:

She liked the little roller the most. But she did give the brush and the large roller a go.
You have to paint your name on your wall in big pink letters! It has been painted over by now, but that was fun.

Right now Lillie is sleeping on the floor of the boy's room as her room is still a mess. The painting is done, but nothing has been put back. She even wants to trade her Barbie doll house for the desk I made in high school. The color is a bit dark and sharp for me, but I think Lillie is perfectly happy with the new paint.

On a different note, I changed the way comments are done on this blog. Now anyone can post comments and they will go straight onto the comment page. I added the strange words thing where you have to add a strange word like you do on Amber's blog. And as far as moderating comments, any comments on blog posts over 5 days old will be moderated before being posted (most of the strange spam is on old posts) so go ahead an comment away without needing it to be "approved"...and in real time.

See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Lillie seemed to enjoy painting and especially her name in pink on the wall. Great job

sussah said...

Hi Julian, That's a great picture of Lillie and her name on the wall. And the commenting is much more spontaneous without the delay. Have fun! love, susanna

Anonymous said...

How cute to paint Lillie's name! I like the commenting better this way. Hopefully you won't get spammed.