Monday, July 26, 2010

Nike Cup, Ostergard Family Reunion.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend had several parts. First was the Nike Cup, a high level soccer tournament in Lake Oswego Oregon. Preston and I were on our own for the Nike Cup. At home Maren had a ton of folks hanging out at the Pool and enjoying the weather. We all got back together at the Ostergard Family Reunion in Centralia WA. Here are some photos and more:

Preston during a soccer game. His team got beat soundly this tournament. The winner of Preston's age bracket was a championship team from Oregon...Preston did score the only goal against that team in the tournament. The team was riding high after winning the Cornucopia cup a couple of weeks ago...turns out there are better teams out there!

The team did have a ton of fun off of the soccer field. Here they are hanging out in our room watching a movie and goofing off. There was also a pool that got some good use. At one point all us parents were in one room having a beer and the kids in another. The management came up and told us adults that we needed to be quiet...too many complaints. I guess the kids were behaving better than us?
The Nike Outlet Store. Preston's size 12 foot [in the background] being totally dwarfed by this freakishly huge size 21 basketball shoe!
This was a totally fancy motor home we passed on the way to Centralia. It must be worth way more than our house, and the Harley on the back worth more than my van! I said to Preston, "Hey Preston, check this must be owned by a Rock Star." A few seconds later Preston says, "NO! It is an old guy...and an old lady eating a cookie!"

At the reunion. Preston [right] and a cousin Blake. They really looked alike 7 years ago.

Auntie Donna brought her GPS and some instructions for a few Geo Caches hidden at the park. I got volunteered to lead the kids to find the caches. Several kids just thought that this was the best thing ever. Here they find a cache hidden in some bushes near the lake, looks like a WWII binocular container. It was filled with trinkets and such that the kids got to look at. We signed the log and put everything back in its place.

Lillie and Maren enjoying the reunion.

A picture of Maren's grandma and all 11 of her children.

This was a fun weekend all around. Now it is time to get back to working on the deck.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a newsy post! Sorry about Preston's soccer team not winning, but it sounds like a good trip. Tsk on the parents being too noisy in the motel room - that's funny. Cute pic of Maren and Lillie, and looks like a nice reunion. Okay, now on with the deck.