Monday, July 12, 2010

Kent Cornucopia Cup Champs! Hansen pic.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yup, Preston's team are the Champions of the Kent Cornucopia Cup! They played very hard the whole game and won 2-0. At the awards ceremony the team was given out medals, and a MVP of the tournament was awarded to one player...yup, Preston won that honor! I guess the coach from each team had to vote for the MVP for each game. These votes are accumulated and many times the MVP is not on the team who wins the championship, but this time he was. Preston is in the back right with his MVP trophy and bag.

A proud mom and her MVP.
But it is not all soccer all the time around least for Hansen and Lillie who did a decent job of suffering through a couple of soccer games this last weekend. It is also time for cell phone upgrades! Our new every two renew is eligible tomorrow. Hansen thinks it is today, so when he wakes up all ready to shop at the Verizon store...he will be greatly disappointed. He wants a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and a good camera. I think he can get a QWERTY keyboard, but the good camera part will have to wait (he can always use the camera Nana gave him) as the kids are limited by us parents to a phone without a data plan (yes, unlimited texting is fine, but no internet access on their phones). Of course he and Preston want Droids (uh NO...but Maren and I may get them!) and Lillie is totally bummed out that she has to wait until she is a 4th grader like the boys did. She thinks she is ready for a cell phone now! Yesterday! And she is probably right. Anyhow, big paragraph just to show you one of the 40 pictures Hansen e-mailed himself yesterday to store on the home computer as he gets ready for a new phone:
See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, very extremely proud grandparents here!!! Congratulations, Preston! As for the phones...Qwerty? Droids? Ya lost me, but good luck!