Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ice-cream day.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

After Preston's huge success at making Rice Krispie Treats...he moved on to ice-cream. Yesterday he made ice-cream in three different ways. The first way was a standard/modern ice-cream maker that you put the main canister in the freezer, the second way was with an old fashion ice-cream maker that you put ice around the edges and the inside spins, and the third way I had never heard put the ice-cream ingredients into a zip lock bag, then you put the zip lock bag into a huge zip lock bag full of ice...and shake. He needed his winter gloves for this job:

The ice-cream turned out great! Preston did actually have to ask my opinion of the difference between "mix" and "blend". The recipes he was consulting liked to mix those two words up when it was time to blend in the ingredients.

Last night while the littles were at VBS, Maren and I were invited to a dinner/BBQ/backyard hangout with friends from our church who also have children at sports VBS. It was a lot of fun! And I learned about a 4th way of making ice-cream...the Hamster ball ice-cream maker. Just roll the ball around, you don't even need ski gloves. Going to have to check into one of those.

After Preston and the neighbor kids lost all twelve of our ping pong balls in the garage, they wheeled out the old Tether Ball Pole that I made for them probably five years ago. It is sitting out front right now getting a second chance at life:

And lastly, Preston beat me at Ping Pong last night for the first time this year! He is getting good at Ping Pong, but this may not have been too fair...after all, it was like our 5th game in a row at 10:30 pm and it was quite clear that Preston wasn't going to stop playing till he beat his old man. Be that as it may, my days of beating Preston at Ping Pong may be over. I remember how it try and try and try and try and try and try to beat your dad [at ping pong, golf, motocross, running, doesn't really matter what sport], sure you can beat all the neighbors, but never your dad. But once you do finally beat your dad, you never look back. Doesn't that sound about right old man?

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

Great post! I did the ziploc bag method with J&A at a science class and they loved it. In fact, we may try that outside today.

Love the part about beating your dad at sports. It was great.

Robert said...

I don't remember ever competing with my father, but yes Julian you did get to where you could beat me pretty regularly at running and tennis and golf and motocross. But I don't think you ever beat me at racquetball, and I'm pretty sure you would stand little chance at billiards, bowling, jai alai, and even ping pong.

Julian's Blog said...

Hmm, I remember besting you at 3 wall raquetball and in ping pong. But yes, billards and bowling...I wouldn't even try. Jai alai? Never even tried the game.

Anonymous said...

Dad says he was talking about 4 wall racquetball. And I don't think you can beat me at putting.

Anonymous said...

I hope you know I'm just kidding with you. You may indeed be able to beat me at putting :)

Julian's Blog said...

I know you're kidding mom, but I see that the ol competitive nature doesn't just fade away!

sussah said...

We used to play jai alai in the back yard at 9020. I never did do well with the hand-eye coordination with thrown objects, whether or not there was a basket attached to my hand. At baseball games, if a ball would come our way into the stands, I duck and cover. love, susanna