Thursday, July 08, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday we didn't get around to painting Lillie's room, looks like that will be a next week project. But I did steam clean the carpets! I do like the look of a perfectly cleaned carpet...but it never lasts. Yesterday was a perfect day for it as 90 degree weather drys things out quickly.

We had a full car of kids heading to the pool yesterday. Preston and friends stayed there for a soccer teammate's birthday party while the rest of us (including an extra Lillian) left early to catch a sneak preview of Despicable Me. Maren had these great tickets complete with my name and everything!
Even though we showed up 45 minutes early in 90 degree weather...this was the line in front of us before it bet around the corner. Sadly they filled up the theatre before we even got in! There were plenty of sad kids as the line was like this behind us too. I am thinking they gave out way too many tickets or something.
Luckily we still had a fun day. This is a picture of Lillians with ice-cream noses.
Today is another scorcher. Temps in the mid 90s. Preston will be spending the day at a lake with friends. The rest of us will head to the pool I am sure.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The carpet looks great! That's terrible about the theatre giving out too many tickets! Bummer.