Friday, July 02, 2010

Cougars, friends, ALA pics.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday Maren e-mailed me to tell me of the Cougar sightings near her work. Said she wasn't really supposed to be just walking around because of the risk. I of course told her that she would be fine as cougars are just big kitty cats and our cats love her...but may as well not go out too much. Maren had also left her phone at home so she had no camera, but told me about the warning poster in the building. She said employees had added pictures of Demi Moore to the warning signs about the dangers of cougars! Maren asked the web services crew to snap a photo for me! I cant read the actual safety tips, but I wonder which safety tips warn you of the dangers of the cats, the WSU cougars, and for Demi Moore?

Yesterday Lillie's friend Lily came over to play. The Lillians had a great time. At one point they had been just too quiet for too long so I figured I would check on them. They had just finished painting each other's fingernails and were moving onto their toes. I like this picture:
Hansen and Preston went off with Lily's brothers and some other friends to play soccer at a local school. A nothing much day turned into a great day thanks to friends.

Now I have a couple of pictures from Maren's ALA trip to share with you:
Maren's committee in their pink shirts hanging out with their winning author Jim Murphy.
This is Maren presenting Mr. Murphy's big award at the big dinner.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Lillie looks so grown up! And Maren looks pretty in pink. That's funny about the pix of Demi Moore - hopefully the safety tips won't be needed.