Friday, July 30, 2010

Coffee, Pickleball.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday I got quite a bit of work done on the deck. I now only have like 5 boards to put down on the top of the deck, the stairs, and the railings. Of course, I totally ran out of wood screws it will be another trip to Home Depot before any more work gets done. I am reconsidering railing benches and copper tubing as railings. Guess I had better get it figured out soon. Even with getting that much work done, I was still able to find the time to feed lunch to six kids, hang out some, and play pickleball in the evening.

A very happy Hansen holding three cases of coffee. I'm thinking we wont be running out of Keurig Coffee Pods anytime soon. It is always a good day when the UPS van stops at our house.
Last night Preston and I were with friends playing pickleball while Hansen and Lillie were at their final night of VBS sports camp. This Picture is of Preston and Jose catching a quick breather. The annual Escandon's Pickleball Tournament is this weekend...and we will be there. Preston is the alternate so he figured he would learn the game. Preston is a fast learner and someone will be very happy to draw him as a partner if he get to play.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The deck sounds like it's going to be beautiful - and you're really progressing fast. That's a lot of coffee!