Friday, June 11, 2010

opossum sighting.

Good morning, it is Friday!

You may remember a few weeks or so ago I mentioned that the kids are convinced that they have seen car driving around with an opossum on the dash board? Well, it is true! I parked right next to this car at the Jr. High yesterday when picking up the kids from school. The little critter never looked right at me when I was trying to take this picture, but that is just as well as I don't want any opossum trying to eat me. I showed the boys and they now know all about the opossum as it belongs to a friend of theirs.

Today is the Grass Lake Carnival! And dress like a tourist day at CV. A good excuse to wear shorts to work, but if it never stops raining, I may change my mind. I have noticed that it always is raining its hardest when I am riding my bike home from work or picking up the littles from the bus stop. Lillie, Hansen and I all needed to change clothes yesterday after picking them up from the bus (two blocks away) because it was raining so hard...and yes, we had umbrellas.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good opossum photography! If you'd like to relocate to South Florida, that's fine with us. The weather here is beautiful! In fact, school is already out - it got out Wednesday. (But the kids go back in August.)

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks! If you would like to relocate to Covington, it is fine with us. The weather is beautiful (this week)and the kids get out this Friday:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, we'll think about it. Okay, done thinking.