Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Country Buffet, last day of school, good tooth news.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last day of school! Today is the that the kids wonder if it will ever get here when starting a new year. But here we are. The kids all have half days of school full of fun, field days, sitting around signing yearbooks, and exchanging phone numbers. It will be interesting to see who is actually calling our house next week...or texting the kids as the case will be. At Cedar Valley I will be receiving a pie in my face along with several other paras and teachers who volunteered to receive pies from the kids who read the most minutes during the year. I just hope whoever draws my name is gentle with the pie. Last year Hansen stepped back and just creamed (pun intended) the teacher he drew. Lillie wishes just for today she was back at my school so she could be the pie delivery girl...yikes.

Last night it was dinner at Preston's choice for his accomplishments this year. Speaking of accomplishments, he came home yesterday with another certificate...this time for Student Of the Quarter in Science, they had forgotten to give this one out in the big award ceremony the day before. He chose the Old Country Buffet in Kent. It reminded me of the King's Table in Burien when I was a kid. Luckily for Preston, Lillie didn't stuff herself as much as my little sister once did! I am betting Preston would have been asking me to "tell her to get up!" if she was so full that she needed to lie down in the walkway and digest! Good times, huh Amber? I do think if that happened, I would probably tell Preston to get over his big bad self and let her lie there...of course I would have my camera for the bloging.
Here is Preston embarrassed enough that I am taking a picture of him and Hansen in front of the Old Country Buffet.
Lillie was able to get a balloon from the balloon guy. Here she is sneaking up behind Preston for this photo. Speaking of Lillie, she had a tooth check up yesterday. She had been on antibiotics for he front tooth the we have been hoping would live through the trauma of a couple months ago. Last time there was obvious infection and it looked like a root canal was the next step. But yesterday the infection looked to be clearing up! Clearing up enough to where the doctor thinks this tooth is going to survive and be a good tooth! Yay, this is great news! We will be back in two months for cleaning and another check up. Great tooth news.

These next few photos are ones we purchased the rights to from a professional photographer who took tons of pictures of the Conference Track Meet.
Preston with a great lean at the finish line to finish second in the 100.
Flying high in the air to become the Conference Champion in the long jump.
The start of the 4X100 relay.

Now that I have my new camera, all the pictures I take, as well as the ones above, are downsized greatly in quality for my blog (for electronic storage reasons). If you see a picture you would like to print for yourself, just e-mail me and I can e-mail you the original high quality picture for printing.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Good thing they didn't have blogs back in the old days when Amber ate too much ... actually I wish they did. Grandma Bobby sure would have loved such photos and descriptions of the day by day life when you three were kids. Thanks for all this wonderful stuff you write, and enjoy the release from the school year. love, sussah

Amber said...

If only there were blogs back then!

Robert, Ellen, and Joey said...

Congratulations to everyone on getting through another great school year and to Lillie on the great tooth news!