Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maren's home.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yay! Maren is home from D.C. We picked her up from the airport last night around 8:30 pm. Before we picked her up, we visited with visitors of John and Carol's from Sweden. A younger couple (25-30years) and parents. The younger couple speaks English just fine, but the olders not so much. John speaks enough Swedish to communicate and then there is translating if necessary. Dinner was nice! They were totally exhausted from their non-stop visit, so once we left, I am guessing they were crashing not too long afterwards.

Back to picking up Maren. We raced to the parking lot, and made it to the correct gate just in time for Maren to walk on down. Lillie raised the eyebrows on the security guys when she went running to and almost through the check point to meet her mom. We all missed Maren, but I think Lillie missed her the most. This picture is kind of glum for a couple of reasons, first, Maren had been up and traveling for like 16 hours, and second, I couldn't get the right setting for my camera (I now realize I need it on "sport" even for still pictures of my kids as they never actually are still) and this is the third picture I took:

Maren had a very good trip. I will spare you all the details of tours, rallies, dinners, meetings, speeches and will have to look to her for all the scoop. Lillie made Maren gifts for her return...she even made us all sign the welcome home paper:
And here is a picture that has been on the refrigerator for seven years.
Today I am going to the dentist to have the last of the silver fillings removed from my teeth and replaced with plastic fillings. Yay!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Maren! Lillie sure looks happy - what cute gifts she made. Glad Maren made it home safely. everybody shrinking or is Preson really that tall? Wow!

Amber said...

Lillie is so sweet - having everybody sign the note is totally something I would've done when I was little.

I hope Aurora is that happy to see me if I take work trips!!!