Monday, June 21, 2010

LiveSTRONG, Hershey's, Father's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Today is the first day of summer...both on the calendar, and in the kid's lives. You wouldn't know it by looking outside as it is still just a rainy world. I had a very nice Father's Day Weekend. Rode in the LiveStrong Challenge, got some very nice gifts, and relaxed! I have lots of pictures from the weekend, so I will get a move on it:

My bike parked in the VIP section of the LiveSTRONG booth. I just told them my sister was Amber Wadey and it all fell into place! Not really (just joking Amber...but if I had mentioned your name I am sure it would have!) the outside bike racks were full and some nice volunteer sent me inside. The inside VIP folks didn't really agree with that, but it worked for me.

Before the ride folks were taking pictures of the start/finish line. I had a wonderful ride. I rode next to ex-Seattle Mariner Dan Wilson for a few miles...I said "hi" as I passed him, but that was it. I gave my gloves to a little girl on the back of a pull behind bike who's hands were cold. And finished in time to have a great father's day. The table I sat at for my free burger I was with a couple just about my age. They asked me if the ride was the same time last year, I said "yup, on Father's Day!" They both looked at each other and said, "It's Father's Day?...better call (respective) dad! I kind of laughed to myself as I was eating quickly to get home and see my own kids who totally knew it was Father's Day.

A LiveSTRONG sign in front of the Space Needle. The story of my giving my gloves to a young girl on the back of a pull behind bike is really amazing. I was near this dad with his daughter (probably 6 years old) on the pull behind nearly the whole ride, he would have left me in the dust had it not been for the pull behind, but as it was, I saw them a lot. About 1/3rd the way through she looked cold so I gave her my gloves and went on my way. Never talked to them again. I told Maren all about my ride and stuff and later she was looking at her Facebook page and a friend of her's husband had ridden the ride with their daughter on a pull behind and had been given gloves by stranger. Maren has been geeking out that I gave my gloves to her friend's daughter during the ride. What a small world!

Later in the day we were at John and Carol's house for Father's day dinner. Here is a cheesy picture of John and me in our crowns!

Saturday Hansen was in the Hershey's State track meet. He ran very well and had a fun time. No award this meet, but it was a great experience. It was very cold and a long day. I was happy to see an old friend there and have someone to talk to...besides Hansen of course.
Hansen getting third in his 50 yard dash heat.
A blueberry muffin for breakfast at the track meet. Yum!
With the Kent qualifiers in the big parade of athletes. Preston was not with us as he was in Burlington with his soccer team for the weekend. His team tied three games and didn't move into the final. Preston had 3 goals and plenty of great stories. Sounds like he had a great time.
My Father's day gifts! Great artistic cards by the kids! Books from Lillie, and an Amazon Kindle from Maren and family! Woohoo! I am looking forward to figuring it out, it seems very cool so far.

And lastly, a picture of Lillie as waitress. She has been "serving" anyone who will take part with pretend tea.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, Julian! We enjoyed hearing about the LiveStrong event - cool story about giving the girl the gloves. You and John look great in your crowns!