Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life Is Like A Bowl Of Chicken.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

My mom has started a new blog. She has had a few others in the past that have disappeared into cyberspace for one reason or another. One was a blog through the perspective of her dog. That one had a huge following, and there are tons of folks out there doing blogs through the perspective of their dogs. When I would see how many comments were on her posts (50 +) would just shake my head and think to myself, "lot of wacky folks out there!" Did I just say that out loud? Sorry mom! I'm the wacky one to many of those folks, after all, how could I not be a dog person? Exactly. Anyhow, her new blog is about meals in a bowl. And I am a big fan of meals in bowls. I will give you a link to her blog down below.

Hansen wanted to make our lunch yesterday, a bowl of mac-n-cheese with cut up hot dogs inside. Lillie was doing artwork and Preston playing x-box. So in the spirit of mom's blog, I took a few pictures:

Hansen cutting up the hot dogs.
Sirring in the milk, butter, and cheese.
The completed meal...along with a separate bowl of peaches (probably breaking the rules with two bowls) and a lovely drawing of Fairy Rosetta. Who knows, this masterpiece may even make it as a guest post in mom's blog.

Here is link to the blog:
or you can click on the link in the link section of my blog.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I think that Hansen's dish will be classified in the "hot dog" category. And, yes, two bowls are disallowed. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Hansen's delicious-looking macaroni and cheese bowl and Lillie's lovely drawing will definitely make it into the new blog soon! I believe I will bend the rules for the peaches. (After all, they're my rules.) Yes, Joey's blog was certainly a phenomenon. He had dog-blogging friends all around the world, including girl doggie admirers! Thanks for the shout out!

Amber said...

I made mom get rid of the "hot dog" category - it grossed me out!!!

Julian's Blog said...

I'm with Susanna. Two bowls, out! "Hot dog" category, in!