Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fish, phone.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston was off with friends and the rest of us were out and about when we came across this fish at Walgreens. Lillie and Hansen loved it and wanted to buy it. Luckily I said no! It is a fish made by McDonalds that yells, "give me back that filet of fish...give me that fish!" over and over. It is very catching. Lillie said that she still had that song stuck in her head when going to sleep. This video was captured with my phone, as I had a new one in my hand...after watching the video, it is clear that I should have just taken the camera out of my pocket and used it!

Yesterday I also got a new cell phone. Silly but true. My Verizon phone was not able to hook up to my bluetooth ear thing so I brought it in. They realized that the phone wasn't working, so they gave me a new one right there on the spot! Same exact phone and everything. Great service! The goofy thing is that my "new every two" is up in less than a month and I have this brand new Verizon Dare phone that I won't want. My plan is to go away from the touch screen phone and get a smaller flip phone again. I told them the deal, but my phone was under warranty and the "new every two" thing doesn't come around for 3 weeks, so that was there only choice. Now I will have a very good back up phone.

Today may be a Wild Waves day...after I get an eye exam. I have a few hours to decide if i will get refitted for contact lenses or not.

See you tomorrow.

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