Thursday, June 17, 2010

Even more!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Preston had an awards ceremony at his school. Maren and John went thinking Preston would be receiving an award for P.E. student of the quarter. Maren almost didn't go because of a work blip. Well, when they got there they were a little surprised. What Preston didn't tell us was that he also was awarded Student of the Year in Math! Nor that he was one of only thirteen students to receive a 4.0 (one of only three boys!). Pretty impressive Preston! At the start of this year I was a little nervous for him. In elementary school he had a very good thing going, the teachers all knew him and he always did well. Jr. High is a much bigger pond and everyone starts at zero. Well, he sure proved himself successful at every aspect of school. Way to go Preston! A lot of people are very proud of you...especially me!

I didn't attend the awards ceremony as I was in Lillie's class giving the kids their art portfolios. I may actually volunteer to be art docent next year...but I think I will save that info until the bitter end just in case someone else wants to try. Lillie's teacher gave me a nice thank you card and this Lily plant!
Here is a picture of Preston and Hansen playing Wii Track and Field. I guess you run your player by moving your hands back and forth very fast. Maren is in the background shopping for my Father's Day gift!
See you tomorrow.

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