Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cousin's overnight and some rambling.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday, last night, middle of the night, this morning, and as long as the adults will allow, it is overnight with the cousins. This fun is mainly front and center for Lillie, Hansen, Claire, and Alex. Preston has decided to find other friend's houses to spend the night at the last couple of days. Actually, before going on about the littles, you have to hear a brief snap shot of Preston's camping trip with friends. Well, it never happened. The boat trailer had major axle issues, they spent like 5 hours at a Les Schwab tire place in North Bend, then turned around. Instead it is camping at Austin's house. Sounds like they are making lemonade out of lemons and having a great time.

On to a few photos. I have had the rest of the clan myself. You may remember Maren is in Washington D.C. Her conference is going great, she did a fine job with her speech, and is now just enjoying her time. Although I did just try to call her, and only talked to her answering machine. I did get a text back saying she was in some big council meeting and couldn't talk. I will take that as a "yes", so I am buying a new Ford Mustang for her to drive this afternoon. Just joking, but the kids wish I wasn't. Preston would very much like it if I would buy Maren a Mustang and then he could drive it in a mere year and a half when he gets his drivers permit. Dream on kiddo, you will be driving an old blue mini-van...if you're lucky. That was a strange ramble, now here are the pictures:

Lillie and Clare warming up in the sun next to the pool at the KSTC.
Lillie and Claire in the pool.
Hansen and Alex in the pool.
A little tennis. Not exactly Wimbledon, but the match did seem to drag on.
And a little ice-cream before heading home for movies, video games, and staying up until 2:00 am. Crazy kids!

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Since I wrecked my Ford Mustang (due to a blind spot caused by the side mirror), Dad and I switched cars and now he drives the Mustang and I drive the boring old Honda Accord. Maybe Maren should stick with the Accent. But the Mustang is a great car!