Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back yard pics.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I have been having fun with my new camera. Both the camera and the video parts are very fun. Here are a couple from the back yard for you:

We built Preston a hurdle to practice with in the back yard because he thinks he wants to run the hurdles next track season along with the 100 and the long jump.
This is a funny picture of Hansen. My timing wasn't perfect, but the picture is cool. He just kicked the soccer ball hard into the goal. From the previous picture you can see the goal as well as the run of zero grass.

This is a HD video. It is of Preston doing the hurdles for the first time. The funny thing about this video (you may have to double click it to see it in HD?) is that Lillie is just playing with the bird feeder in the background while Hansen pulls a sneak attack at silliness in the middle.

Today is a a split day. Preston has his track banquet and Hansen has his school musical.

See you tomorrow.

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