Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maren's home.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yay! Maren is home from D.C. We picked her up from the airport last night around 8:30 pm. Before we picked her up, we visited with visitors of John and Carol's from Sweden. A younger couple (25-30years) and parents. The younger couple speaks English just fine, but the olders not so much. John speaks enough Swedish to communicate and then there is translating if necessary. Dinner was nice! They were totally exhausted from their non-stop visit, so once we left, I am guessing they were crashing not too long afterwards.

Back to picking up Maren. We raced to the parking lot, and made it to the correct gate just in time for Maren to walk on down. Lillie raised the eyebrows on the security guys when she went running to and almost through the check point to meet her mom. We all missed Maren, but I think Lillie missed her the most. This picture is kind of glum for a couple of reasons, first, Maren had been up and traveling for like 16 hours, and second, I couldn't get the right setting for my camera (I now realize I need it on "sport" even for still pictures of my kids as they never actually are still) and this is the third picture I took:

Maren had a very good trip. I will spare you all the details of tours, rallies, dinners, meetings, speeches and will have to look to her for all the scoop. Lillie made Maren gifts for her return...she even made us all sign the welcome home paper:
And here is a picture that has been on the refrigerator for seven years.
Today I am going to the dentist to have the last of the silver fillings removed from my teeth and replaced with plastic fillings. Yay!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life Is Like A Bowl Of Chicken.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

My mom has started a new blog. She has had a few others in the past that have disappeared into cyberspace for one reason or another. One was a blog through the perspective of her dog. That one had a huge following, and there are tons of folks out there doing blogs through the perspective of their dogs. When I would see how many comments were on her posts (50 +) would just shake my head and think to myself, "lot of wacky folks out there!" Did I just say that out loud? Sorry mom! I'm the wacky one to many of those folks, after all, how could I not be a dog person? Exactly. Anyhow, her new blog is about meals in a bowl. And I am a big fan of meals in bowls. I will give you a link to her blog down below.

Hansen wanted to make our lunch yesterday, a bowl of mac-n-cheese with cut up hot dogs inside. Lillie was doing artwork and Preston playing x-box. So in the spirit of mom's blog, I took a few pictures:

Hansen cutting up the hot dogs.
Sirring in the milk, butter, and cheese.
The completed meal...along with a separate bowl of peaches (probably breaking the rules with two bowls) and a lovely drawing of Fairy Rosetta. Who knows, this masterpiece may even make it as a guest post in mom's blog.

Here is link to the blog:
or you can click on the link in the link section of my blog.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cousin's overnight and some rambling.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday, last night, middle of the night, this morning, and as long as the adults will allow, it is overnight with the cousins. This fun is mainly front and center for Lillie, Hansen, Claire, and Alex. Preston has decided to find other friend's houses to spend the night at the last couple of days. Actually, before going on about the littles, you have to hear a brief snap shot of Preston's camping trip with friends. Well, it never happened. The boat trailer had major axle issues, they spent like 5 hours at a Les Schwab tire place in North Bend, then turned around. Instead it is camping at Austin's house. Sounds like they are making lemonade out of lemons and having a great time.

On to a few photos. I have had the rest of the clan myself. You may remember Maren is in Washington D.C. Her conference is going great, she did a fine job with her speech, and is now just enjoying her time. Although I did just try to call her, and only talked to her answering machine. I did get a text back saying she was in some big council meeting and couldn't talk. I will take that as a "yes", so I am buying a new Ford Mustang for her to drive this afternoon. Just joking, but the kids wish I wasn't. Preston would very much like it if I would buy Maren a Mustang and then he could drive it in a mere year and a half when he gets his drivers permit. Dream on kiddo, you will be driving an old blue mini-van...if you're lucky. That was a strange ramble, now here are the pictures:

Lillie and Clare warming up in the sun next to the pool at the KSTC.
Lillie and Claire in the pool.
Hansen and Alex in the pool.
A little tennis. Not exactly Wimbledon, but the match did seem to drag on.
And a little ice-cream before heading home for movies, video games, and staying up until 2:00 am. Crazy kids!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

random pics.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Maren went to Washington D.C. for an ALA Conference. Today she is giving a speech in front of lots of folks, and is a bit nervous.

Maren has not wanted me to give up on a good camera so fast. So I am trying one more. Fujifilm xp 10. It is similar to the last one in mp. Has a bit better zoom, and the kicker on this one is that the lens doesn't come is dust, shock, and waterproof. It is a tiny bit bigger than my last, and I have resigned to not carrying it 24/7, so this and my phone camera should do just fine. I almost bought this camera last time, but it was not on sale, and I wanted tiny...this time it was! So I am actually saving money in the crazy camera process.

Yesterday we also picked up some sandals for me and the littles. From left to right: Lillie, Hansen, and my new sandals.
Today is Craig's 41st birthday. I picked him up this book at Costco yesterday along with my camera. I don't think he reads my blog regularly, certainly not on his birthday. So don't tell him! I am kind of jealous, the book looks cool, at least from the cover:
And lastly, this is what the couch looked like when I came down this morning. I made sure the side I like to sit on is clear of Barbie dolls, but there seems to be some kind of convention going on here.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 25, 2010

ALA, Tim Noah.

Good morning, it is Friday.

I just got back from bringing Maren to the airport. She is off to somewhere far away for her ALA conference. This is a big one for her as she has to make a speech in front of many people at a fancy luncheon to introduce the author her committee picked for the Margaret Edward's award last ALA conference. Maren is a bit nervous, but I am sure she will do a great job.

So it is just me and the kids hanging out. And even that will be changing in a few hours when Preston goes camping with friends for the weekend. Then it will be just me with the littles. And that will change Saturday night when we play musical kids with the cousins and Lillie spends the night at Claire's house and Alex spends the night at our house. But by the time Maren gets back on Tuesday night, things should be back to normal around here.

Yesterday I took Hansen and Lillie to see Tim Noah at the Covington Library. Maren used to be a big Tim Noah fan back in her elementary days! Hansen and Preston have been to his concerts in the past, but this was Lillie's first time seeing him. Lillie has enjoyed his movie about the Wazzy Woodle Woo, but didn't know what to think. Her first comment, "he sure looks older in real life!" Well, the movie is just about 30 years old, so we will cut him some slack. I thought he did a great job with the kids. Lillie was a little shy, and Hansen a little old, so we didn't stay too long. Here is a picture from the back of the crowd:

Yes, it was crowded. And yes, this is my old phone camera. My new camera decided to break the day before yesterday. Aarg! I went to take a picture, the lens came halfway out, and error was all it would it has been returned. It took great pics and videos, but I will try a new cell phone with an updated camera before going out and buying another camera. Next stop, the Droid Incredible smart phone with 8 mb camera. If it works half as good as my Canon, and twice as good as my current 3 mb camera phone, then I will be a very happy camper.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer time!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday summer arrived! It should be with us today, but be gone tomorrow. Such is nice weather around here. But we take it when we can. I think I read that yesterday was the first day in 271 days to reach 75, this is a crummy place to live if you live for sunshine.

Preston spent the day at Wild Waves with friends. That means he was with a gang of teenagers not wanting to be bothered by the rest of humanity. I also brought Lillie and Hansen to Wild Waves, but they were more about the rides yesterday. Here is a picture of Hansen trying to make Lillie sick in the tea cups:

Today should be another fun day!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fish, phone.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston was off with friends and the rest of us were out and about when we came across this fish at Walgreens. Lillie and Hansen loved it and wanted to buy it. Luckily I said no! It is a fish made by McDonalds that yells, "give me back that filet of fish...give me that fish!" over and over. It is very catching. Lillie said that she still had that song stuck in her head when going to sleep. This video was captured with my phone, as I had a new one in my hand...after watching the video, it is clear that I should have just taken the camera out of my pocket and used it!

Yesterday I also got a new cell phone. Silly but true. My Verizon phone was not able to hook up to my bluetooth ear thing so I brought it in. They realized that the phone wasn't working, so they gave me a new one right there on the spot! Same exact phone and everything. Great service! The goofy thing is that my "new every two" is up in less than a month and I have this brand new Verizon Dare phone that I won't want. My plan is to go away from the touch screen phone and get a smaller flip phone again. I told them the deal, but my phone was under warranty and the "new every two" thing doesn't come around for 3 weeks, so that was there only choice. Now I will have a very good back up phone.

Today may be a Wild Waves day...after I get an eye exam. I have a few hours to decide if i will get refitted for contact lenses or not.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

LiveSTRONG, Hershey's, Father's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Today is the first day of summer...both on the calendar, and in the kid's lives. You wouldn't know it by looking outside as it is still just a rainy world. I had a very nice Father's Day Weekend. Rode in the LiveStrong Challenge, got some very nice gifts, and relaxed! I have lots of pictures from the weekend, so I will get a move on it:

My bike parked in the VIP section of the LiveSTRONG booth. I just told them my sister was Amber Wadey and it all fell into place! Not really (just joking Amber...but if I had mentioned your name I am sure it would have!) the outside bike racks were full and some nice volunteer sent me inside. The inside VIP folks didn't really agree with that, but it worked for me.

Before the ride folks were taking pictures of the start/finish line. I had a wonderful ride. I rode next to ex-Seattle Mariner Dan Wilson for a few miles...I said "hi" as I passed him, but that was it. I gave my gloves to a little girl on the back of a pull behind bike who's hands were cold. And finished in time to have a great father's day. The table I sat at for my free burger I was with a couple just about my age. They asked me if the ride was the same time last year, I said "yup, on Father's Day!" They both looked at each other and said, "It's Father's Day?...better call (respective) dad! I kind of laughed to myself as I was eating quickly to get home and see my own kids who totally knew it was Father's Day.

A LiveSTRONG sign in front of the Space Needle. The story of my giving my gloves to a young girl on the back of a pull behind bike is really amazing. I was near this dad with his daughter (probably 6 years old) on the pull behind nearly the whole ride, he would have left me in the dust had it not been for the pull behind, but as it was, I saw them a lot. About 1/3rd the way through she looked cold so I gave her my gloves and went on my way. Never talked to them again. I told Maren all about my ride and stuff and later she was looking at her Facebook page and a friend of her's husband had ridden the ride with their daughter on a pull behind and had been given gloves by stranger. Maren has been geeking out that I gave my gloves to her friend's daughter during the ride. What a small world!

Later in the day we were at John and Carol's house for Father's day dinner. Here is a cheesy picture of John and me in our crowns!

Saturday Hansen was in the Hershey's State track meet. He ran very well and had a fun time. No award this meet, but it was a great experience. It was very cold and a long day. I was happy to see an old friend there and have someone to talk to...besides Hansen of course.
Hansen getting third in his 50 yard dash heat.
A blueberry muffin for breakfast at the track meet. Yum!
With the Kent qualifiers in the big parade of athletes. Preston was not with us as he was in Burlington with his soccer team for the weekend. His team tied three games and didn't move into the final. Preston had 3 goals and plenty of great stories. Sounds like he had a great time.
My Father's day gifts! Great artistic cards by the kids! Books from Lillie, and an Amazon Kindle from Maren and family! Woohoo! I am looking forward to figuring it out, it seems very cool so far.

And lastly, a picture of Lillie as waitress. She has been "serving" anyone who will take part with pretend tea.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Country Buffet, last day of school, good tooth news.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last day of school! Today is the that the kids wonder if it will ever get here when starting a new year. But here we are. The kids all have half days of school full of fun, field days, sitting around signing yearbooks, and exchanging phone numbers. It will be interesting to see who is actually calling our house next week...or texting the kids as the case will be. At Cedar Valley I will be receiving a pie in my face along with several other paras and teachers who volunteered to receive pies from the kids who read the most minutes during the year. I just hope whoever draws my name is gentle with the pie. Last year Hansen stepped back and just creamed (pun intended) the teacher he drew. Lillie wishes just for today she was back at my school so she could be the pie delivery girl...yikes.

Last night it was dinner at Preston's choice for his accomplishments this year. Speaking of accomplishments, he came home yesterday with another certificate...this time for Student Of the Quarter in Science, they had forgotten to give this one out in the big award ceremony the day before. He chose the Old Country Buffet in Kent. It reminded me of the King's Table in Burien when I was a kid. Luckily for Preston, Lillie didn't stuff herself as much as my little sister once did! I am betting Preston would have been asking me to "tell her to get up!" if she was so full that she needed to lie down in the walkway and digest! Good times, huh Amber? I do think if that happened, I would probably tell Preston to get over his big bad self and let her lie there...of course I would have my camera for the bloging.
Here is Preston embarrassed enough that I am taking a picture of him and Hansen in front of the Old Country Buffet.
Lillie was able to get a balloon from the balloon guy. Here she is sneaking up behind Preston for this photo. Speaking of Lillie, she had a tooth check up yesterday. She had been on antibiotics for he front tooth the we have been hoping would live through the trauma of a couple months ago. Last time there was obvious infection and it looked like a root canal was the next step. But yesterday the infection looked to be clearing up! Clearing up enough to where the doctor thinks this tooth is going to survive and be a good tooth! Yay, this is great news! We will be back in two months for cleaning and another check up. Great tooth news.

These next few photos are ones we purchased the rights to from a professional photographer who took tons of pictures of the Conference Track Meet.
Preston with a great lean at the finish line to finish second in the 100.
Flying high in the air to become the Conference Champion in the long jump.
The start of the 4X100 relay.

Now that I have my new camera, all the pictures I take, as well as the ones above, are downsized greatly in quality for my blog (for electronic storage reasons). If you see a picture you would like to print for yourself, just e-mail me and I can e-mail you the original high quality picture for printing.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Even more!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Preston had an awards ceremony at his school. Maren and John went thinking Preston would be receiving an award for P.E. student of the quarter. Maren almost didn't go because of a work blip. Well, when they got there they were a little surprised. What Preston didn't tell us was that he also was awarded Student of the Year in Math! Nor that he was one of only thirteen students to receive a 4.0 (one of only three boys!). Pretty impressive Preston! At the start of this year I was a little nervous for him. In elementary school he had a very good thing going, the teachers all knew him and he always did well. Jr. High is a much bigger pond and everyone starts at zero. Well, he sure proved himself successful at every aspect of school. Way to go Preston! A lot of people are very proud of you...especially me!

I didn't attend the awards ceremony as I was in Lillie's class giving the kids their art portfolios. I may actually volunteer to be art docent next year...but I think I will save that info until the bitter end just in case someone else wants to try. Lillie's teacher gave me a nice thank you card and this Lily plant!
Here is a picture of Preston and Hansen playing Wii Track and Field. I guess you run your player by moving your hands back and forth very fast. Maren is in the background shopping for my Father's Day gift!
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Field trip, warm-ups, assembly.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Lillie had a very fun field trip to Salt Water State Park. She said it rained the whole bus ride there, but the rain stopped and the sun came out for the whole time. She even found 36 shells with hinges! But couldn't keep them. A friend touched a live crab! Her chaperone gave her two Oreo cookies! Sounds like a great day to me.

Yesterday was a frustrating day for Preston. And his parents for that matter. He had turned in all his track gear (warm-ups and uniform) in a timely manner and had all his affairs in order to get his yearbook and be done with school. Well, it turns out that the warm-ups he turned in were checked out to someone else. And whoever had gotten a hold of his warm-ups had decided not to turn them in. And no, the school of common sense is not really in play in these situations so this is Preston's problem. He ended up spending class time going through every pair of warm-ups ever turned in looking for his warm-ups. Luckily he found the warm-up top, but the bottoms never showed up. After a few e-mails back and forth with teachers and coaches, I went in and paid the $24.00 for the bottoms and now things are back in order for Preston. Needless to say this has not left Preston feeling to great toward track, but I figure he will cool off over the next year and turn out next year. But if he doesn't, it is fine. He may have big ugly duct tape letters with his name all over the gear next season:)

Today will be a much better day for Preston. He will get his yearbook, hang out with friends goofing off in classes that are nearly done for the year, and at the end of the day he will be awarded student of the quarter in PE at the school assembly. Maren will go and sit in a "special section" of the bleachers! I will be at Lillie's school handing out art folders to the kids in Lillie's class and whooping it up for the last half an hour of the day.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amazing growing towels!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night we finally got around to putting Hansen's amazing growing towel things he won at the carnival in water. The last few days he waited until about an hour after bed time to see if we could try them. Uh, no! But yesterday he remembered at a reasonable time and they were pretty cool.

Before sticking them in water for 30 seconds.
After sticking them in water for 30 seconds. One towel even had a Lillie attached to it! Not really, but Lillie enjoyed the experiment as much as Hansen...and Hansen couldn't actually hold them both without a little help, not that he didn't try!

This picture is proof that the weather was actually nice...once...last weekend. Maren always enjoys having Judy swing by for a visit after she is done rowing.

Today is the only rainy day in the forecast. And the day that Lillie's class takes a field trip to Salt Water State Park. Hopefully it stops raining for a few minutes, but either way Lillie will have a great time.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Carnival and more.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This is the first day of the last week of school! These have been busy days with school carnivals and getting school projects finished. Friday I had the whole family help me put together the art envelopes for each of the students in Lillie's class. I was taking art down from the wall near the library while the kids organized all the work:

Later that evening was the school carnival. It was very busy and tons of fun for the kids. Still fun for adults...but maybe not "tons". The next couple of pics are from the carnival.
Lillie getting a tattoo from a high school volunteer...who just happens to be our neighbor! If Lillie looks a little exhausted in this pic, it is because she is! She had been running around the carnival doing jumping toys and all kinds of stuff with friends. This was the only time I even saw her standing still.

Preston had tons of friends at the carnival too. At first the boys were all playing soccer on the field, but once the carnival started, it was hanging out with tons of friends.
Hansen had a great time with his friends as well. He timed the length of his punch card perfectly. This picture is from the next day as he uses a hammer and chisel to break apart a giant jawbreaker.
And showing off the inside of the cool jawbreaker. I even was able to talk him out of a little chunk. Yum.

Preston ended up spending the night at a friend's house (after the big World Cup party for his soccer team), but the planned fire pit went on. Hansen and Lillie enjoying marshmallows.

We never made it to the KSTC pool, but Lillie got plenty of pool time in the neighbor's little pool.

Hansen enjoying the Coinstar machine. We cashed in $21.00 in pennies. Most of the bag was actually back from Preston's 13th birthday when a friend gave him nearly $20.00 in pennies for his birthday.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 11, 2010

opossum sighting.

Good morning, it is Friday!

You may remember a few weeks or so ago I mentioned that the kids are convinced that they have seen car driving around with an opossum on the dash board? Well, it is true! I parked right next to this car at the Jr. High yesterday when picking up the kids from school. The little critter never looked right at me when I was trying to take this picture, but that is just as well as I don't want any opossum trying to eat me. I showed the boys and they now know all about the opossum as it belongs to a friend of theirs.

Today is the Grass Lake Carnival! And dress like a tourist day at CV. A good excuse to wear shorts to work, but if it never stops raining, I may change my mind. I have noticed that it always is raining its hardest when I am riding my bike home from work or picking up the littles from the bus stop. Lillie, Hansen and I all needed to change clothes yesterday after picking them up from the bus (two blocks away) because it was raining so hard...and yes, we had umbrellas.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Track banquet, 3rd/4th grade musical.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was Preston's track banquet as well as Hansen's class musical. I had Hansen and Lillie while Maren had Preston. My group went to Preston's track banquet for 30 minutes, then bolted to the elementary school. While at the track banquet a mom asked about if Preston had gone to the National Junior Honor Society banquet the night before. We didn't know anything about it. I wandered over to Preston and asked about it...He said, "Oh, yeah, I have the certificate in my backpack." When he signed up for the NJHS we told him that he didn't have to go to any functions about it...and we didn't! Here is his certificate:

Here is a side view of his track certificate. Preston was voted by his peers as the Outstanding 7th grade boy. A very nice honor. I can't figure out how to rotate the picture without deleting and redoing, so you just need to tilt your head to the left:)
Hansen's music performance was excellent! We Haz Jazz. Lillie wandered up to the front and sat on the floor with all the other kids that were there. She had gotten to see it at school and was very happy to get to see it a second time. Here is a picture of Hansen's section. Hansen is in the smack middle of the photo. There was one very fun scene where Hansen's group got to be on stage, dressed in black, white gloves on, and only a black light as well as music. You could only see their hands moving around, it was cool.

Next is a short video: Again, it is in HD, so if you don't click on it until you have the YouTube version pop up in a separate window, you will only see the left half of the video. This is cool, but a bit annoying to me. I may start videoing in less resolution as to make this viewing thing a bit simpler...not to mention upload times...let me know what you think.

Afterwards, we all met at McDonald's for some ice-cream! Yay for ice-cream...thanks John and Carol.

Today is a "regular" day...except for the rain.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back yard pics.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I have been having fun with my new camera. Both the camera and the video parts are very fun. Here are a couple from the back yard for you:

We built Preston a hurdle to practice with in the back yard because he thinks he wants to run the hurdles next track season along with the 100 and the long jump.
This is a funny picture of Hansen. My timing wasn't perfect, but the picture is cool. He just kicked the soccer ball hard into the goal. From the previous picture you can see the goal as well as the run of zero grass.

This is a HD video. It is of Preston doing the hurdles for the first time. The funny thing about this video (you may have to double click it to see it in HD?) is that Lillie is just playing with the bird feeder in the background while Hansen pulls a sneak attack at silliness in the middle.

Today is a a split day. Preston has his track banquet and Hansen has his school musical.

See you tomorrow.