Friday, May 28, 2010

Tooth stuff, salmon, thank you letters.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday I took Lillie to what we hoped was her last tooth appointment for her knocked loose tooth trauma. Well, it isn't. Turns out infection is growing around the tooth and now she is on antibiotics to hopefully kill the infection and allow the tooth to grow. If this doesn't work then we go into the realm of options for a false tooth. Big time bummer, things seemed to be going well, but the x-ray was quite clear.

Yesterday I got to help the 1st and 2nd grades on their salmon release field trip. We walked to Jenkins Creek, then Mrs. Radford dumped the bucket of baby salmon into the creek. Some kids were bummed that you couldn't see the salmon swim away holding big "thank you" banners while others were just happy to be out of math class for 45 minutes. I was somewhere in the middle. Here is Mrs. Radford releasing the salmon:

Lillie brought home a whole stack of thank you notes from her class just for me! Each student wrote a letter thanking me for being a great art docent while practicing their letter writing. It was very fun to read them, and if you visit, I will share them with you. I did write the class a thank you letter back...I guess the monkey was a real hit:
See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Lillie-we're so sorry you have an infection on your tooth and we sure do hope that the medication will take care of it. Let us know how you are doing.

sussah said...

Dear Julian, I hope that Lillie's antibiotics completely take care of the infection. And your letter to the class was really perfect. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

We hope Lillie's tooth infection gets better soon.