Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

This week is teacher appreciation week. Monday was bring your teacher a flower day. Lillie jumped into the spirit by both making a paper flower for her teacher as well a picking a pretty little flower from the yard:

The same can't be said for Hansen...I thought he would want to make a paper flower for his teacher, but he got a little derailed with other things like coffee and hair. Out the door he grabbed a tiny bunch of Bleeding Heart flowers, seemly named, "lady in a bathtub". I don't know why they are named that, I do know they are kind of cool and not surprised Hansen likes them. I don't know much. But I do know that Hansen prefers totally goofy pictures of himself these days...so I will spare you and him the permanent record. If you really want to see goofy pictures of Hansen, just ask to see my phone...it is full of them.

Today is sweet treat day. So little Hershey's Kisses will do...either that or left over Easter candy! I am sure that Lillie's teacher will get a few little Hershey's Kisses, who knows about Hansen's teacher, but I am voting for Hershey's Kisses too. I am a little worried that Hansen thinks a left over cream filled chocolate egg may truly be a better treat! He is right of course, he knows where to find them, and they are not that old, but...but...I give up! I am only one person and I can't fix everything.

See you tomorrow.

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