Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One hundred thousand miles...+

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Maren's car hit a major milestone. 100,000.00 miles. Then it drove her the last 15 miles home from work without an issue. I jumped in the driver's seat to snap this picture just before parking it in the garage. Cool huh? Maren has had two cars long enough to see this happen. Her last car I got rid of at 140,000 miles to get her this car. If I didn't do that, her old car would probably still be in the driveway. Maren doesn't have any plans to get a new car for a couple of years so who knows how many miles she will pile on her little car. I have never had a car long enough to see this happen. Maybe my van...

Maybe not my van...You may remember yesterday how I was telling how nice the weather was on Mother's Day and how bad it was in the morning, well...I apparently didn't remember to roll up the windows. When I got home from work (rode my bike and didn't notice the driver's side window was open) it had not been raining for much of the day...but there was still a little puddle in the door handle. Groan. Ah, the seat was dry and not much water got in at all. That was a dumb move.
See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Last week I had to go ransom our good old car from VW service, and these events are occuring more frequently. This is at a little less than 75,000 miles. So getting to 100,000 is a real accomplishment! love, susanna