Thursday, May 27, 2010

Musical, track, ice-cream, Biz Town.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was Lillie's 1st-2nd grade musical. Welcome To The Jungle! Lillie says, "It's a great day to be a monkey!" Her speaking part was when the mouse chewed through the net and let the lion out. Yup, the music director did and amazing job with this Aesop fable. Here is a panoramic picture I took with my phone, the right side didn't turn out right, but you get the idea...Lillie is on the top row middle right:

Lillie and one of her best buddies hanging out after the show:
After the show John and Carol took us out to McDonald's for some ice-cream. Yay!

Preston had his last regular season track meet yesterday. Won the long jump, 100 meters, and 4x100 relay, took second in the 200 meters. Good meet. Next week he will have two meets, a qualifier on Wednesday, and the Conference Championship on Thursday. Today he goes on a field trip to the Seattle Center with his school band to play at the Center House.

Yesterday Hansen had his favorite field trip of his life. A trip to Biz Town. His job was that of AAA guide. He had a great time, made enough money to buy cookies and a surprise box of school supplies. I think he will even get to go next year!

Today is Lillie's last dental appointment (hopefully) to do with her tooth accident. Everything looks good to me...lets hope the dentist agrees.

See you tomorrow.

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