Monday, May 24, 2010

Mile's birthday party.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday after church it was off to Puyallup for Mile's birthday party. We got a little side tracked in the parking lot at church when just as we were driving off I saw my biking friend Jim running toward us from across the parking lot. Luckily I didn't just follow my first instinct and drive off quickly (just joking). And Luckily I do have jumper cables in the van. I should have gotten pictures of the van jump starting their car...and posted it them all over facebook, but I didn't. Next time!

Off to Mile's 5th birthday party. Here are a few pictures:

Miles blowing out his candles.
The girls with their silly faces. Lillie has worked hard over the last few weeks perfecting her cross-eyed look (see the girl on the right).

Hansen and Alex goofing off.
Preston enjoying his first round of cake and ice-cream.
Maren scooping up some ice-cream. Annie had the cake, it was a very efficient assembly line. Someone (I think it may have been the ice-cream scooper) made some comment about maybe I should have been doing that job...but hey, someone has to take a few pictures.

Jack and Avery brought their parents for some fun too, but they showed up just after my camera was put away, and just before the Katy dog started thinking that Preston and I were its personal play toy.

See you tomorrow.

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