Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy Memorial Day!

At this moment, on this holiday, Maren is out enjoying 50% off day at Value Village, I am up blogging about the weekend, and the kids are all asleep. Nice.

Yesterday was a fun day. Preston's team had two soccer games at Starfire, the rest of the family got together at John and Carol's house for lunch and hanging out. There was a 4 hour gap between games, so I brought Preston and Connor back for lunch and hang out time as well. As this spring has been totally cold and raining, the only place to capture some summer weather is in John and Carol's green house! Here is a picture of Preston and Connor eating lunch in the green house, warming up between games:

The soccer team got beat badly the first two games. A whole soccer association from Canada had signed up in the wrong age brackets, so they were much older, won every game, but their games didn't count for the tournament. So the third game the boys played was to get into the final. Preston had a great game, but in the end it came down to a very controversial call by the ref in the goal box giving the other team a 1-0 victory. The Starfire store had tons of cleats on clearance sale, so Preston was able to get a pair of fancy "forest green" cleats for a great price.

Back at Carol and John's house things were rocking. Claire, Alex, Miles, Jack and Avery were also there. There was tons of food and the kids were racing everywhere. Miles, who is just five, really didn't think a chicken burger was going to work for him. He protested and protested, but once he got it...he was totally amazed. "It's like a giant chicken nugget in a bun!!!" The world's best invention! He even stopped Preston and said, "Preston, dude, check out this chicken's a giant chicken nugget in a bun!" We were all cracking up.

Well, it is off to try to upload some music to my i-pod (Maren checked out a CD of 2010 Grammy nominees) then see if I can ride my bike on my indoor rollers (yes it is still pouring rain outside) to some new tunes!

See you tomorrow.

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