Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maren's watch

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday went just fine. Preston did great at his track meet then headed down to soccer practice. Hansen and Lillie enjoyed their last piano practice before their recital which is this weekend. There was no homework for Preston or Hansen because of MSP testing which is going on this week at their schools! My school starts MSP testing today. I will be a proctor. Tonight the littles have choir, and Preston just has track.

Even though these days have been busy, they have been smooth. Other than Hansen being not so sure about baseball, the kids are very excited about their activities, so getting them ready to go places is no longer an issue. What does Hansen not like about baseball? Playing catcher! He did his turn, he should not have to play that position again!

I titled today's blog Maren's Watch because the watch band on Maren's watch has finally broken into several pieces and it is time for her to get a new watch band. I think she likes the watch, so we will start with a new band. She thinks her watch is getting a bum deal. She says that if her watch were sports shoes for the kids, the band would have been fixed yesterday! Hmm.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Confidential unsolicited advice to Maren: take Lillie to the mall, as a consultant, and buy a whole new watch for yourself. love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

Maren may just take you up on that advice! Of course she would end up with a huge pink sparkly watch with no back light. Maybe even pink fingernails and some ice-cream too!

sussah said...

Sounds like the way to go! have a fun weekend, Love, susanna