Monday, May 03, 2010

John's birthday...cake.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday after church it was celebrate John's 73rd birthday. Some got to partying quicker, some just went to other parties first. You see, John and Carol took Hansen and Lillie out to lunch and then to North Bend for the party at Mel's house, while Maren, Preston and myself came home as Preston had a different party to go to first. In fact, Preston celebrated 4 different birthday this weekend, two being overnights. Enough about Preston, this is John's birthday. Well, after picking up Preston, we made our way to North Bend and had a nice time hanging at Mels house eating tacos and yucking it up with Jack and Avery. I took a couple of pics, strangely none of John...but here is a picture of his birthday cake:

Who knows how today will go. Hansen is supposed to have a make up track meet for the one that was canceled due to hail and thunderstorms...only today it is forcasted to be raining with high wind warnings. Maybe Hansen can long jump down wind and go super far!

See you tomorrow.

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