Monday, May 10, 2010

A happy Mother's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Mother's Day was a happy day around these parts. I hope everyone else had a nice Mother's Day. We skipped Sunday School to give us the time to give Maren breakfast in bed. The kids helped load up breakfast and a bunch of gifts and up to wake up mom. In this picture Maren is reading one of many great Mother's Day cards and opening gifts while the kids sneak the bacon from her breakfast.

After church it was off to Burien's Seahurst Beach for a big family picnic. This next picture is of all the moms and girls who wanted to be in the photo.
The following pic is of some of the kids from our party playing on the beach. The weather was perfect!
Lillie and her cousin Kyra. Two peas in a pod. Kyra's brother and Hansen are two peas in a pod as well. Preston is just the old kid with cousins all around.
But he doesn't mind...he got to help cook!
In other news, soccer tryouts were successful for Preston. He made his team and there were a few other players picked up who will help this team move forward. Hansen's baseball team won their first game as Hansen played catcher and got a key hit. Lillie, Hanen, and Maren enjoyed an afternoon at the pool on opening weekend...and it is totally raining outside and it is almost hard to believe it was such a beautiful weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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