Monday, May 17, 2010

Green grass, Bibles, Piano, Carnival, and the end of baseball.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I hope you didn't mind this no blog weekend. I have kind of gotten into the habit of taking the weekend off, and it works for me. Of course we had a very full weekend so let me just get hopping. The weather has been great! I tried this winter and spring to grow the lawn in the front to see if it would come back and look great. Basically just proper fertilizer and week kill along with a higher lawn height. Looks great! I have not decided if I will water over the summer...that is the question.

Yesterday the 1st and 5th graders received Bibles at church. Lillie is very excited to have her very own bible! The parents were part of the giving of the Bibles, so I don't have any pictures. The kids had fun decorating Bible covers.

After church was Lillie and Hansen's piano recital. Grandpa John came along and got to enjoy a very nice recital. Lillie played three songs, Hansen played two. Not many students in this recital so it went nice and quick. The kids were very nervous, but they both performed very well.
Hansen and Lillie blowing off a little steam before the much for posing for the camera.
Afterwards, holding a congratulations certificate. All the kids looked very sharp and played great.
Friday evening Preston spent the night at a friends house while the rest of us went to the CV carnival. A little pizza and cotton candy always works!

Hansen had his last baseball game of the season Saturday. It was only the second game, but he didn't like it, and I didn't like it, so I pulled him from the team. First time I have ever not made a child of mine stay with a commitment like a sport they signed up for. Thing is, the league didn't have enough players sign up, so they added some older players. The difference between 9 and 11 years olds is huge on the baseball diamond and kids are just getting hurt left and right. Saturday's game saw several kids hit by pitches, one hard in the head. Balls off the bats hit two pitchers very hard as well. Hard pitching, big batting 11 years olds with little control vs. 9 year olds who can't move out of the way. Scared me just to watch. Hansen decided that he didn't want to bat or pitch or really even play for fear of getting hurt. This time I sided with Hansen and he is taking the rest of the season off. He will be counting the days until soccer.

Back to school, soccer, and Maren working late.

See you tomorrow.

PS. I missed talking about spending the day at the pool and signing Lillie up for swim team. Oh well, maybe I can't just take the weekends off.

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Robert, Ellen, and Joey said...

Yikes, there's so much we don't know what to comment on! Congrats to Lillie on her Bible. We remember when her dad used to call it a "Bi-book" when he was very young. We don't blame Hansen for not wanting to play. Sounds like a very smart decision.