Friday, May 07, 2010


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was flower pick up day at Grass Lake. Every year the PTA sells flowers to arrive just before Mother's Day. Well, ours have arrived. We now have tons of flowers, dirt, bark, and manure. Tonight will be an inventory of pots and hanging baskets...then the work will begin. Other than a few places, like the huge soccer goal with the strip of zero grass running down the middle of the back yard, and the deck that needs updating, and the...and the...the yard will be looking great!

Last night we had dinner at Costco. We were all home, and other than Hansen and Preston having tons of homework, we were free for the evening. So a quick call in to Costco and a pizza was ready when we arrived. Our family can scarf down a Costco pizza quite quickly these days. We ran into a family from church (Lillie's first preschool teacher and fam) and it was Mike's (the dad) birthday. We joined their family in the Costco food court singing "Happy Birthday" to Mike. He was a little embarrassed, but all the kids thought it was great.

See you tomorrow.

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