Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A flabby course.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Words and their definitions have been flying around our house these days. The boys bought a game called Apples To Apples which is a vocabulary game. They play it with Lillie and there is laughing all around. I guess one of the words was "flabby". Yes, funny word. And thankfully they have stopped using it on me! Hansen and Lillie like to shoot it at each other, then Lillie figured a way to put the blame on Preston...very clever:

At school the buzz is how many days there are left of school. Of course a couple of days after school gets out, I will be riding the LiveSTRONG Challenge. Last year I would look at this map and think nothing of the 100 mile loop. This year the 100 mile loop looks very intimidating...I am dropping down to the 45 mile loop. It has all the fun parts of the ride without the two life sucking hills. Also, I would like to finish before everyone else leaves! Maybe get to enjoy a burger while watching other folks finish as well. I wasn't the last to finish last year...but it was a long day. Here is the course map if you want to check it out:
Tonight is Lillie's class musical where she has a speaking part! Preston's last regular season track meet. And Hansen gets to go on a field trip to Biz Town!

See you tomorrow.

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