Friday, May 21, 2010

blah blah blog

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is "Teachers dress like kids and kids dress like teachers" day at school. I have a pair of grubby jeans and a Mickey Mouse tee-shirt to wear. I don't think I can wear my totally grubby shoes and leave my left one untied all day...that might just push me over the edge. I will be curious to see if any kids wear nice clothes or if this day just doesn't work for them.

Hansen and Lillie were very happy to be back at children's choir last night. They had about a month break after the busy Easter season.

Maren gets to take the day off of work today because she has been working totally crazy hours of late. I am sure she will figure out something to do to fight off the boredom of not being at work.

And lastly for today's blah blog (getting writer's blah blah block) is my last art docent day for Lillie's class. I have switched up the artist of interest as I was not too interested in the assigned artist. It is the last day...what are they going to do? Fire me! Oh please do! No, it has been fun, but today we are doing Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh. I have made a sheet of paper with a few marks on it to help the kids get the key items in the right spots, then they will use oil pastels to fill it all in. I don't think I will tell the 1st graders all about the wacky dude Van Gogh was...just look at his cool paintings.

See you tomorrow.

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