Friday, April 23, 2010

Young Author's Night/Earth Day.

Good morning, it is Friday!!!

Last night I worked "Young Author's Night" at CV. Tons of kids showed up (some in costume) with their parents to read stories they have written. A number of these stories were edited or proof read by me! It was a nice turn out and I think everyone had fun. My main job was to direct people to the proper classrooms as well as give out cookies and water. Giving out cookies and water can help one to be popular...easy job!

Yesterday was also earth day! The day that the local garbage collectors union decided to go on strike! I thought that was ironic. The strike only lasted a few hours and the garbage is being collected again.

Since it was earth day, I figured I would show you how I get to work each day. I ride one of my bikes to work every day. Yup, I have three bikes that are all for different uses and I like them all the same. I only have one house, one car, and one wife...hmm...I do have three kids! This is my commuter bike, it has fenders:

Today is art docent day in Lillie's class. Today it is butterflies or caterpillars out of tissue paper, glued over to make look cool. We will see if it works! I vowed not to use tissue paper again after last time...we shall see.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

The only thing I did for earth day was to put a coke bottle in the recycling bin. And I was going to resolve not to make a printout, for one day, but habit is very strong. love, susanna

jerisenger said...

I just caught up on a weeks worth of blogs. Working cuts into my time so badly....... I do enjoy my time at CV and am lucky to be there. You have been great for the school and they are lucky to have you. I will send $$$$$ to you cause when you get it up.