Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring break!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was our first official day of spring break! Today is our last official day of spring break. That was a quick vacation! And so spring like...47 degrees and rainy. The birds are chirping in the morning, so it must be spring. Right?

Yesterday Preston spent the day with a friend, they went to the movies and just hung out. I took Hansen and Lillie to the library, then to Walmart. Lillie loves going to the library. She scourers the shelves finding book after book she want. Then she finds more and trades back and stuff. Hansen is a total crumb bum at the library. His exact words are, "My mom brings me home all the books I could want, why would I want to go to the library!" So he get to just sit in one of the comfortable chairs while Lillie gladly roams the place.

After the Library it was to Walmart for a few. I needed to pick up oil for the cars and the kids had a small allowance to spend. Hansen ended up with a Star Wars action figure and Lillie with princess ear rings and necklaces. But we almost never made it past the Easter baskets. Wow...the Easter Bunny totally forgot to shop at Walmart. The amount of left over Easter stuff is crazy. Maybe it is all part of the plan, they still may be making $$$ at 50% off, but yikes. This picture is only part of the stuff, and it goes as far as you can see:

See you tomorrow.

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