Friday, April 30, 2010

Spotlight Preston.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Preston earned the position of hogging the spotlight on today's blog.

Yesterday Preston was awarded with Student of the Quarter in Math. He is in Algebra which is an advanced placement for 7th graders, mixed in with 8th graders. Maren, John, Carol, and I attended the celebration for his award the last hour of school yesterday. We made him sit with us because we love him, but next time we may let him hang out with his friends. Most of the kids sat with their parents, but many sat with friends and the parents just enjoyed the ceremony away from their teenager.

This is a picture of Preston with his certificate. He is wearing his track warm-ups because as soon as this picture was taken, he had to go to his first ever jr. high track meet. Cedar Heights vs. Meridian Jr. old school!

Preston rocked in his first jr. high track meet. They don't do by grade level, just schools, so he was one of the younger kids. He won the long jump by nearly 2 feet with a personal best jump of 18'6"...amazing. Then he won the 100m dash by a few meters. Next he won the 200m dash by even more ground. Finally he was the first leg of the 4X200m relay which also won. A satisfying side part to the track meet was the fact that a fellow soccer teammate (who also plays forward and thinks he is fast like Preston) was on the opposing team. Preston left him in the dust.

Congratulations Preston, you earned the spotlight!

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Preston is a great kid! Thanks for spotlighting him today. Love, susanna