Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No more brace.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Lillie got to leave school an hour early to head to the dentist office for a 2 week check up on her teeth. The news was all good. The dentist said that the tooth is doing as well as it can be and it was time to take the brace off. I guess holding the tooth still for too long can be just as bad as letting it just flop around. Since the tooth is still growing, it needs to be free to grow. There was one little spot on the x-ray the dentist was a little concerned about, but he felt that without holding the tooth in place, it may just take. So even thought we won't know for up to a year if the tooth will recover, it is doing its best for now. We will be back in a month for another x-ray and if all looks good then, then it is back to the normal dentist for regular dental stuff. Finger's crossed.

Wearing cool shades, listening to The Princess And The Frog on the sound system. No more brace on the teeth and hoping for the best. This visit was without laughing gas, so for a moment or so Lillie didn't have tons of fun, but it went fast.

See you tomorrow.

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