Thursday, April 15, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Hansen and Lillie had piano lessons. For some reason this last week wasn't the best week for practicing so I got my usual mini-lecture from their teacher on the importance of practice. Their teacher is half my age and cute as a button, but dude, mini-lectures on the importance of practice are no fun! Actually the kids have been doing very well overall so a single week slide is OK with me. Just don't tell their teacher I said that.

Usually Lillie's lesson is first and Hansen and I have a half an hour to waste. Usually we spend the first part running. Well, Hansen has a sidewalk near by that is about 75 yards that he likes me to time him on. Then we go to the van and play a game where you fill a piece of paper with dots and take turn making lines trying to make the most know the game. Hansen beats me about half the time. Then it is his lesson time.

During Hansen's lesson Lillie likes to walk to the park a couple of blocks away. She climbs and slides and then likes to race me around the perimeter...rules are in place for falling off the ledge and stuff. She wins about half the time. Yesterday she found a necklace and a pair of ear rings at the park. I wouldn't let her keep them, rather put them in the big toy just in case the young owner came back. She was then looking for other lost things (she is a tinker fairy at heart) when she spied a head band down the side of the hill. I let her go check out the headband when I heard her let out a loud shriek! Turns out there was a dead bird right next to the head band. She did spend some time checking out the dead bird, and moving the headband so she could grab it without getting too close to the dead bird.

Lillie was quite mad that I wouldn't let her just keep the headband, earrings, and necklace. She said if it was a penny I would let her...true. She said other kid's parents would let them and I should be more like other kid's parents. Hmm. I told her that it is a small neighborhood park and some little girl probably had to leave in a hurry and forgot her stuff...she would probably be back in a while and be sad if her stuff was gone. Maybe Lillie is right, maybe I should have let her keep the lost things...but I hope not, I hope some little girl came back and was happy to find her jewelry.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

You are such a good dad, Julian.

sussah said...

The other parents wouldn't have let their children take headbands or earrings from the park. But money is equally dirty and girmy, and we all think that's a wonderful thing. Lillie is having lots of life's lessons the last few weeks. Love, susanna

Grandpa and Bernice said...

One day Lillie will appreciate the good lesson you taught her - good for you Julian.

Amber said...

It certainly is true that if she were to have left something of her own at the park, she'd be very sad if somebody else had taken it. Here's hoping the true owner claims it before one of these other kids who's parents would've let them keep it!

Anonymous said...

We agree with you, Julian. Hopefully the little girl who left them there came back and got them. Dad said that when he's at the golf course and someone says they found a golf ball, he says "You don't know whose it is, but you know whose it's not." (However, the rule is that if they're below the surface of the water, they technically become the property of the ranger.)