Monday, April 12, 2010

Maren's hair, pizza, and stuff.

Good morning, it is Monday.

A busy, busy weekend that all worked out. I wish it wasn't over, this morning came too fast.

Preston was scheduled to Acolyte yesterday, but he needed to leave church a few minutes early to get to a soccer game (he was subbing for an indoor team). At the last minute a couple of Preston's girl friends took over Acolyte duty for him. He now has to bake them fresh cookies for next week. But it was worth it to him. He played well in his game, scored 6 goals, but the team lost 8-10. Indoor soccer is a crazy game and can be very high scoring.

Maren and her mom got fancy hairstyles yesterday after church while Hansen, Grandpa and me went to the bread store for doughnuts, picked up some pizza, and came home to crash in front of the TV to watch the Masters. Yay for Phil on his Masters victory. Hansen was totally distressed that I would cook the pizza before Maren got home. What if I burned it, no one was even here to eat it. Well, I did burn one pizza, and the others did sit for a little, but Hansen seemed perfectly happy to eat his share once it was cooked.

Here is Maren's new hair. Very nice! It looks a lot like her old hair only curlier, streakier, and a little shorter. Making her look right into the sun was not so nice, but hey...there was sun for once.
The twins came over for play and pizza as well. Her they are in Lillie's bed playing under her canopy. Hansen played basketball with Jack and had lots of fun with the twins too. Between Hansen and Jack moving 100 miles per hour, I didn't get any pictures of them this time.

This is how Lillie plays calm and takes care of her injured teeth. Hanging upside down is calm isn't it? I don't think Jack had ever seen kids just climbing trees. He will now have a new passion.

Today Hansen has a track meet and Preston has his first day of track practice. Maren has an eye appointment and Lillie will just have to hang with me and Hansen. Once we make it to 6:00 pm, things should calm down a bit.

See you tomorrow.

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