Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Last day of Spring Break.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Just like that, Spring Break is over. I called it Spring Blink. But we did get the most of our days off.

The Helping Hands group from our church (Zion Lutheran Church in Kent) caught wind of Lillie's tooth and mouth accident and yesterday and Lillie was given the best care package a 7 year old girl could ask for. She had paper dolls, bubbles, books, cards, and soft snacks that she can easily eat with her ouch tooth. Thanks to Shannon and Kirsten (who were Lillie's first Pre-school teachers) and the rest of the Helping Hands group. We are members of a great church!

Yesterday Lillie decided that she just had too much Easter candy and opened up a candy store. She had her brothers scouring the house for dimes and pennies. Later in the day some neighbors came over and shopped away as well. I am just hoping their parents knew they were spending money on even more candy! Here is a pic of the store:

Yesterday also turned into a shoe shopping day. Preston needed new track spikes for his track season that starts on Monday and Hansen was in need of shoes as well. I even picked up a pair for Maren and Lillie, but just like always, the shoes I bought for Maren don't fit. On the way back from shopping, I bought the kids slurpees! What vacation would be complete without slurpees?
Last night at bed time the kids decided they were hungry! No surprise there...they're always hungry. I told them toast was their only option. Preston had peanut butter toast, Hansen had Nutella on his toast...and Lillie was just making toast art. Check out her slice of toast:

See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Those kids are a riot - Lillie with her store and creative toast, and all the fun things you all do together. What lucky kids to have such a special Dad and Mom.

Anonymous said...

What a cute piece of toast! You guys are so creative - and hungry.