Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hansen on strike.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a good sports day, not a good chore day. Hansen got 3rd in the long jump! Preston liked track practice. Preston did mention how easy track practice was...he is used to intense soccer practices and this practice was just kind of tame for his taste. Hansen also did very well in the open 75 and in the relay.

The fun came around at home. The kids are not so good about remembering chores, so now they do their chores before going out to play. Basically there is a rotation so a couple days per week they do one set, and a couple of other days they do another set. Hansen just hates cleaning the art table because Lillie is the main user and she leaves a MESS. So after some fussing, he went on strike:

His strike didn't last long because he really didn't want to give up all the rest of his privileges in life. But his voice was heard. Lillie had to leave the table a little less messy, but the point of chores is cleaning so if it is his day, it is his day. We summarized that if Lillie had to leave zero mess, and that rule applied to everyone, then there would be no chores. Hansen didn't like that idea either. So we made it through the impass, the strike sign is down, and chores are being done...a little grumping and finger pointing along the way, but hey, it's chores!

Today Lillie goes to the dentist for her teeth check-up. We hope it is all good!

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Leaving zero mess was a great idea, and should be revisited. That lesson would come in handy later in life. love, susanna
PS, good luck to Lillie for her dental appointment.

Grandpa and Bernice said...

Hope we hear good news about Lillie's teeth. I guess chores are not fun, but they have to be done - I remember those days with my kids - dishes, setting the table, making beds, etc. etc.

Amber said...

Mom kept the signs I used to make and put on my door... signs that said things like "Eric is NEVER allowed in my room again!" - I don't think any of us ever thought to go on strike.