Friday, April 02, 2010


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. One of my favorite days. I didn't do any mean tricks on anyone yesterday, but I still had fun. At school there must have been 30 times where a student told me my shoe was untied or there was a spider on my shoulder or something like that. The funny thing is that when I went back to the same student who just told me that my shoe was untied, and told them that they had better tie their shoe because it was untied...I got them every single time.

The only joke I played on any of the kids was a joke on Preston where I woke him up 10 minutes early and said, "Hey Pres, it's time to wake up." Then he did his usual groan, then I said, "In 10 minutes!" Hahaha...I know, not funny. But Hansen actually came up to me at the end of the day and thanked me for not doing any jokes to him where he ended up soaking wet or something like that. Gee, who do these kids think I am?

Ok, it is 30 minutes later. My computer died a half an hour ago and now I have to get ready for school and stuff. Luckily this much of my blog was saved as a draft.

See you tomorrow.

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